Marijuana Use Intervention

People who use marijuana may do so for a number of reasons.  They may be affected by this use and experience negative consequences, and may or may not be motivated to change their use. 

The marijuana intervention counseling provided at Mind Evolution is helpful, effective, and unique, and is characterized as follows:

     Individualized - we avoid the one size fits all approaches that are common elsewhere and instead address the specific situation and needs of the individual

     Flexible - we understand that even when one desires to cut down or stop smoking marijuana, this can take time

     Experienced - the counselors are specialized in this area, and have the expertise to guide and explore the issues with individuals and families

     Best practice - proven scientifically supported approaches are utilized including both individual counseling and skill building group sessions, along with a number of interventions that have been demonstrated as effective in our experience with others

     Efficiency and Comfort - we work with each individual to achieve goals in a timely and efficient manner 

     Comprehensive - when desired, we focus not only on the substance use, but strive to see our behaviors in the context of family, relationships, legal situations and other factors in our lives

At Mind Evolution, we have been providing this unique counseling specialty with a focus on marijuana for some years now, and have the caring, experience, accurate knowledge and expertise to assist you in achieving the goals that you desire.  

Call 585.325.7748 to schedule an appointment.  
Evening and Saturday hours are available.

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