Mind Evolution Mental Health Counseling

Our behaviors can change in order to better adapt to changing situations, the requirements of society or to find greater comfort in life.

The tasks of behavior change are to identify areas in need of change, learn about options, then to enact these changes through thinking, feeling and action.  The Mental Health Counseling service provides assessment, counseling, consultation & case management as ways to assist in these changes.  We utilize relational counseling, cognitive behavioral approaches, and integrate research into practice through flexible counseling styles.

Areas where counseling can be of assistance include:
     Family counseling & adjustment to loss
     Emotional health/ anger issues
     Compliance with the criminal justice system
     Substance abuse as adolescents or adults
     DWI assessments
     Managing relationships 
     Reducing conflict and stress
     Increasing self awareness & competencies   

Craig W. Johnson is a N.Y.S. Licensed Mental Health Counselor, and is a N.Y.S. Credentialed Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Counselor.  He has years of experience in working with individuals and families experiencing mental health or alcohol and substance abuse problems.  He is also specialized in assisting persons with specific behavioral problems or with criminal justice involvement.  He is a specialist in the treatment of gambling problems and addictions. 

Feel free to call 585.325.7748 or 585-314-9999 with any questions or to schedule an appointment.  Hours are often available during the evening or on weekends.

Mind Evolution Mental Health Counseling
Mastering Mind and Living

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